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Taxi Top Testimonials

Show Management

Show Management has relied on the Yellow Cab taxi tops as our primary form of outdoor advertising for all of my 11 years and probably another 10 more years before that. It has been called the best form of advertising we do for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show® by many of our customers.

The taxis moving around town, gets our exhibitors and show attendees excited each year for the BOAT SHOW. In addition, your company has always given us great service and accomodated our space needs each year.

Steven Sheer
Marketing Director, Show Management


After years of our company having the taxi tops, we feel it's a great way to advertise & have received great feedback as well.

Jim Upchurch
VP Marketing

We have enjoyed working with you and will be renewing our contract for next year for not only the taxi tops but the magazine, too.
Look forward to seeing you soon,

Best regards,
Carol L. Henderson, CMD
Director of Marketing and Business Development



The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling has utilized Yellow Cab taxi tops for the past several years and we firmly believe taxi top advertising helps to penetrate the market with our 24-Hour Helpline number. Taxi Tops serve as a great compliment to billboard advertising as the cabs can provide what billboards cannot- a moving advertisement that exposes viewers in different locations throughout the metro to our service! We truly value our relationship with Yellow Cab and more specifically Brad Bargman in particular, as he always goes above and beyond contractual requirements to make sure we are happy with our advertisements.

Thank you for being a company that truly cares about your clientele!

Jennifer Kruse
Deputy Director

Landry's has advertised with Yellow Cab for over 15 years with some of our various brands. Our Morton's brand started Taxi Top advertising over 2 years ago and found it to be very effective with brand awareness. We have seen increased business from Port Everglades and locals that we're aware of our new location in Fort Lauderdale. We have recently expanded our buy ro include Palm beach. Brad and his team have been a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend Taxi Top advertising.

Eunice Garcia
Brand Marketing manager